Toys R Us Removing Toy Guns from Stores in France Following Paris Attacks

Dark Toys R Us Palm Beach Post via AP
Palm Beach Post via AP

On November 20 Toy R Us management announced the chain will be removing toy guns from the shelves at stores in France following the Paris terror attacks one week earlier.

In addition to toy guns, the chain will also be removing “other kids’ toys” that could be confused for guns.

According to France 24, “Store directors in France [have been asked to] remove 23 toys that looked like guns and weapons.” Toys R Us management explained, “This decision was taken in light of the Paris attacks. It was taken because these toys could be misinterpreted as real weapons and could be a source of confusion for police forces.”

Toys R Us emphasized that the toy guns [being] “removed represent only a small fraction of its range, and that other toys, like light sabres and water guns, will still be sold in the 48 stores it has in France.”

No word was given as to whether any toy guns were mixed in with the real guns terrorists used to kill 130 innocents and wound hundreds more in Paris on November 13. Nor was any word given on whether any toy guns were mixed in with the real guns terrorists used to kill 12 innocents in the Charlie Hebdo attacks on January 7.

Breitbart News previously reported that the EU Commission reacted to the Paris attacks by moving to regulate guns that shoot blanks and other quasi-firearms, among which are “signaling” guns, as well as “life-saving  weapons.” The Commission also wants to make semi-automatic weapons–which are already heavily regulated–even more difficult for private citizens to acquire. This, in turn, will further limit the options available to French citizens who want to own a gun with which to defend their lives and the lives of family members.

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