Transsexual Man Cannot Be Godfather, Says Vatican

The Vatican has ruled that a Spanish man who was born a woman cannot be godfather to his nephew as he is not living a life “consistent with the faith.” The Bishop of Cádiz had originally ruled that Alex Salinas,


Transsexual Man Banned From Becoming Godfather

A transsexual man in Spain has threatened to take the Catholic Church to court after his local bishop prevented him from becoming a godfather because he does not “live a life consistent with the faith”. Alex Salinas, 21, who was


Pride Event Bans Drag Queens Because They Might Offend Transsexuals

A Pride event in Scotland has banned drag queens because they might offend trans-gender people. Organisers of the show, established to celebrate diversity and tolerance, say the presence of drag queens could make the trans-gendered feel “uncomfortable.” Drag performances have

Drag Queens (LWA / Larry Williams / Getty)

S.F. Archbishop Slams Gender Ideology in the Wake of Jenner Celebrity

Never one to retreat from controversy, San Francisco archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has weighed in on the trans-Jenner debate, arguing that men don’t suddenly become women just through a physical operation, cross-dressing or being addressed with new names.

Archbishop Cordileone (Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

Repentant Transsexual Warns Jenner: The ‘Hangover’ Is Coming

In a CNN interview on Tuesday, Walt Heyer warned viewers that the relief accompanying gender reassignment surgery doesn’t last. After Jenner expressed exhilaration over the Vanity Fair cover, Heyer responded that such elation is normal, but transient.