US-Israel Relations

Trump Envoy David Friedman Urges Unity Among Pro-Israel Jewish Groups

TEL AVIV – U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Tuesday slammed a Jewish group doing the “unthinkable” and rethinking its support of the Jewish state following Sunday’s controversial decision regarding pluralistic praying at the Western Wall.


Mideast Experts: Obama Unlikely To Pull A Fast One On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

TEL AVIV – Ahead of the two month interregnum following the U.S. elections in November, Israel is confident that any last ditch Mideast effort from President Barack Obama before leaving office will stay true to what he said at the UN in 2011: “Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the United Nations.”

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Israeli Universities To US Academic Group: Don’t Help Boycott

Israel’s Association of University Heads (VERA) urged the American Anthropological Association (AAA) on Monday to backtrack on its decision to support a proposal raised by Palestinian organizations to boycott Israeli universities, asking the academic group not to assist the boycott movement.


Obama Says Hanukka Story Sounds Like Plot Of New Star Wars Movie

President Reuven and his wife, Nechama, were the guests of honor of US President Barack Obama for the White House Hanukka candle lighting ceremony on Wednesday evening. At the opening of the ceremony, Obama mentioned that in a meeting prior


US Anthropological Association Moves Closer To Israel Boycott

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) on Friday voted overwhelmingly in favor of a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. If it receives final approval, the embargo will apply to all institutions, but not individuals. The resolution calling for the boycott passed

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Oren Book Leads Fellow Party Member, US Ambassador to Deny Obama Damaged U.S-Israel Relations

Moshe Kahlon, the head of the populist Kulanu party in Israel, apologized to the Obama administration for the recent comments made by fellow party member Michael Oren (who formerly served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United States), who next week is releasing “Ally,” which in part is a scathing critique of the administration’s position on Israel.

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