Report: Temu Encouraged Suppliers to Use Chinese Cotton, Ignoring Slavery Risk

Chinese cheap goods e-marketplace Temu “encouraged” suppliers to use Chinese cotton in their products despite the vast majority of that cotton being produced in occupied East Turkistan, the technology news site The Information alleged in a report published on Thursday, apparently disregarding the risk of using materials tainted by slave labor.

A protester from the Uyghur community living in Turkey, holds an anti-China placard during

Experts Tell Congress: China Building ‘World’s Largest DNA Database’ Usable to Harvest Organs

Journalists, academics, and other experts told Congress during a hearing on Wednesday that evidence indicates China is killing thousands of people to sell their organs and building the “world’s largest DNA database” that can be used to find a living “perfect match” for an organ buyer, arrest them for dubious reasons, and kill them to sell their organs.


Chinese Slavery-Linked Temu Drops Millions on Super Bowl Ads

The Chinese discount shopping application Temu aired three commercials during Sunday’s Super Bowl, encouraging Americans to “shop like a billionaire” at its website and disregard significant evidence that Temu profits from the Chinese Communist Party’s enslavement of tens of thousands of Uyghurs and other members of Turkic ethnic groups in East Turkistan.


Xi Jinping Defends Uyghur Genocide in Surprise East Turkistan Visit

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping defended the alleged successes of his ongoing genocide of Uyghur and other Turkic people during a visit to occupied East Turkistan this weekend, urging Communist Party leaders there to continue efforts to eliminate the Uyghur language, transport slaves nationwide, and make the region more “culturally advanced.”

Xi Jinping