War on Poverty

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Teachers Union Pushes the Bilingual Education Teachers Hate

Democrat Senator Ricardo Lara is leading the charge for the California Teachers Association union in an effort to pass Proposition 58 to revive the failed bilingual education banned by a 1998 English-only initiative.

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Compulsion vs. Opportunity in the War on Poverty

Let me propose an idea for both sides in the poverty debate to consider: the true significance of work is not that it brings “dignity” to the poor, because they don’t consider themselves undignified now, and the welfare state goes to great lengths to reinforce that sense of entitlement instead of humbly accepting temporary charity. Work provides two concrete benefits more important than dignity: value and purpose.

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Jerry Brown Sending Checks to Poor During 2016 Presidential Primaries

Long-shot presidential candidate Governor Jerry Brown offered to have California tax-payers double the federal Earned Income Tax Credit for many Californians this week. Though the credit is considered by the IRS Inspector General to have an “improper payment rate” of 22 to 26 percent, Brown wants to give away an additional $380 million in state funds to deflect what Breitbart News has reported as the fact that “California might be 7th Largest Economy, but is 1st in Poverty.”

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Lamar Alexander’s NCLB Rewrite Bill Could Be Win for Obama Administration

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-TN) rewritten draft legislation that would reauthorize No Child Left Behind (NCLB) will likely not allow Title I dollars for low-income children to follow them to schools of their choice, an outcome that would be a win for the Obama administration.