PC Gamers, Prepare Your Wallets: Steam Exploration Sale Begins


Just in time for Thanksgiving binges, Steam has launched the Exploration Sale, going from now through December 1st.

“Discover thousands of great deals throughout Steam,” may come off as a bit cheesy, but let’s not mince words. Steam sales are like self-contained Black Fridays that can happen whenever Gabe Newell thinks that PC gamers’ wallets are looking a bit plump.

Heck, even if they aren’t, it’s hard to resist adding to the obscene gaming backlog most of us are already lugging about. The Fallout franchise — excluding its most recent iteration — is getting discounts starting at 66%, and most of those titles have received enough third party modifications to play as well and look as good as the Boston Commonwealth.

Underrated 4X strategy gem Endless Legend is on offer with the entirety of its expansions for a lean twenty bucks. I’ve just added that to my cart with a grimace crossed between joy and resentment. I know you’re out there, Gabe. I can feel your smile. Fine, you win.

If your will is as weak as mine, you can check the Exploration Sale out for yourself.

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