Kotaku Hates Steam Curators, So I’ve Become One, Obviously

The worst video game journalism on planet Earth is published by Gawker, on its Kotaku gaming vertical. This week, resident brainiac Nathan Grayson of “I slept with Zoe Quinn and didn’t disclose that I’m in the credits of her game even though


Breaking the Batman: Full Refunds Offered for ‘Arkham Knight’

In a final bow to overwhelming consumer pressure, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced on October 31st that they would be offering full refunds of Batman: Arkham Knight, “regardless of how long you have played the product.” The Arkham Knight drama


Valve Fixes Steam Account Hacking ‘Glitch’

Last week, several Steam users had their accounts hacked via a glitch. While Valve initially labeled the glitch as only a “bug,” it recognized that there was a larger problem on Saturday, July 25, and fixed it immediately.

Valve Corporation

Marvel’s ‘Deadpool’ Game Back on Steam After Being Pulled Last Year

After being pulled along with many other Marvel titles, action game Deadpool has been put back on sale on Steam. This re-release comes in the midst of a buildup of publicity and excitement for the Deadpool movie, which casts Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool and is set to debut on February 12, 2016.


Steam Raises User Responsibility by Not Returning Scammed Items

Steam updated its policy on fraudulent trades to note that users who are scammed will not have their items returned. The service will ban scammers and lock accounts that have been hijacked but believes that “all trade scams can be avoided.”

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Gaming Industry Heavyweight Valve Missing from E3

While Kudo Tsunoda, development head of Xbox, revealed that the company is “working closely with Valve” to offer Windows 10 as the optimal gaming platform for the Vive Developer Edition of Valve’s SteamVR virtual reality headset, which is to be released in spring 2015, Valve was not at E3’s first-ever PC Gaming Show on Tuesday, June 16.

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Game Developers’ Opinions Split over New Pro-Consumer Steam Refund Policy

PC gaming digital distribution service Steam changed its refund policy this week to grant gamers two weeks to return items, for any reason, as long as they have not been played for more than two hours, but game developers disagreed on whether this would help or hurt the industry.

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