Leaked Handbook For Sweden’s Publicly Funded Broadcaster SVT Shows Journalistic Censorship

Swedish flags outside the Foreign Minist

Leaked guidelines from Sweden’s national public TV broadcaster, whose programming is funded by a television license fee, indicates that they are censoring their journalistic output to suit a progressive narrative.

The revelations came to light after a report by Fria Tider published the document in full, confirming what many have alleged about the mainstream Swedish media for some time.

The politically correct language manual was developed by a working group comprised of Eva Landahl, Head of Social Programmes, Arash Mokhtari, a reporter and presenter, Linda Larsson Kakuli, acting as researcher and Anna Olsdotter Arnmar, a reporter

The document, called the SVT new language manual, contains a comprehensive list of acceptable language to use while reporting about hot-button topics. The instructions in the document include avoiding phrases like “immigrant,” especially if the subject is an immigrant in possession of a Swedish passport, and states terms like “African origin” cannot be used while stating that “white, fair skinned, ruddy” and “East Asian appearance” may be included in relevant reporting.

In addition to this, terms such as “immigrant population” are recommended to be replaced with “socially / economic deprived area.” It is also suggested that the word “refugee” is interchangeable with “people on the run.” When addressing matters of race the document also plainly states “be aware that concepts of black and dark skin can arouse criticism.”

Perhaps most alarming are the guidelines when reporting on instances of hate crime. Pushing the “listen and believe” doctrine, the document expressly says “if someone thinks that the they have been subjected to discrimination or hate crimes, we proceed from the person’s own experience with phrases such as ‘they feel that they were subjected [to it] because of their skin colour.”

In echoes of George Orwell’s 1984 the chief of SVT’s news division, Anne Lagercrantz, is quoted as saying the following in the document.

“Language is power. Language is politics. Language sets the standard.”

The full document, in Swedish, is available to read here.



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