Twitch Bans School Girl Stalker Game ‘Yandere Simulator’


Video game streaming site has decided that the fragile souls of its userbase must never be subjected to videos of Yandere Simulator, banning the game from being broadcast.

Yandere Simulator casts players as a psychotic wannabe girlfriend of another student in an anime-themed high school. Almost the entire game takes place on the school grounds, with brief asides to the player character’s home.

The game is played much like the Hitman franchise, with a “creepy schoolgirl” twist. You’ll do your best to manipulate and almost certainly eventually murder other students that you see as threats stealing away your relationship to your “senpai.” The game incorporates sanity and reputation systems, minigames, and various other details to aid in your simulated stalking.

It’s an admittedly grim premise, but the game itself is intended to be more tongue-in-cheek than the concepts might suggest. It’s a darkly comedic stalker simulator, but Twitch doesn’t find it particularly amusing. They’ve decided it’s best kept out of the hands of streamers.

While they still allow plenty of higher-profile games featuring prostitution, sex, torture, and murder, apparently it being done by uniform-clad school girls has crossed the wavering censorship line. Despite having a “mature audience” restriction option already in place, Yandere Simulator has been set on a dusty virtual shelf alongside more overtly offensive games like Battle Raper.

The developer behind Yandere Simulator has reached out to Twitch for an explanation as to why his game was banned in hopes of resolving the issue but has not received an answer at the time of this writing.

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