Twitch Appoints ADL-Linked ‘Trans Deer-Girl’ to Safety Advisory Council

Amazon-owned live-streaming site Twitch has reportedly appointed a transgender “deer-girl” with links to the ADL to its “Safety Advisory Council.” The streamer, known as “FerociouslySteph” on the site, argues that voice chat in video games is a tool of oppression and that “a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists.”

ferociouslysteph twitch

Google Revamps YouTube Streaming with Focus on Gaming

Google recently added compatibility for 1080p/720p video streaming at 60 frames per second (FPS) to YouTube. Users can stream content at 60 FPS in Elgato Game Capture HD, XSplit Broadcaster, and XSplit Gamecaster, establishing YouTube as a viable alternative to Twitch for streaming video games.

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