Security Issues Raised After Fans Storm Stage at DreamHack Event


This weekend saw LAN organizer DreamHack take its tour to Leipzig for the first time, and the event featured some of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world and produced some excellent games. Unfortunately, an incident disrupted the broadcast, one that calls into question security at DreamHack-run events.

As you can see from this video, two louts disrupted the broadcast when they were simply allowed to wander on stage, bumping into one of the analysis desks while drunkenly shouting and waving their arms. At no point did security intervene, and while the camera focused on the desk and host Matt “Sadokist” Trivett, it seems the two drunks were simply allowed to wander off back to where they came from.

Trivett added, “I hope they enjoyed their DreamHack,” and mentioned that they would likely not be allowed in the venue on Sunday, which of course would seem reasonable under the circumstances. However, the brother-in-law of one of the fans posted to the CS:GO subreddit to claim they had in fact not received any such sanctions.

After providing proof of their identity, a user called “truveh” explained that they were celebrating a birthday, and he, as the designated driver, was the only sober one in the party. He confirmed that they were asked to leave the venue, but only for that evening, stating, “we all were kicked out of the event for the evening, we could’ve come back tomorrow to the finals and to the event and every following event.”

He also added that an apology was deemed acceptable because they knew the security staff, saying, “we only had to talk to the manager and security, but since they knew us, it was all fine.”

This isn’t the first time someone has been able to simply walk on stage during a broadcast at a DreamHack event. At the DreamHack Winter event of 2013, the first Valve-endorsed CS:GO major,  someone purporting to be a popular Youtuber simply walked on stage and stood there staring at the bewildered members of the desk before he simply walked away. No action was taken against the individual.

DreamHack haven’t issued a public statement about what happened during their Leipzig event, although Breitbart understands several of the attending on-air talent were disappointed with both the security measures and how the incident was handled. DreamHack have stated in the past they are dedicated to improving their events and will no doubt keep this latest embarrassing incident in mind when planning the next stop on their tour.


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