Anita Sarkeesian Moving on from Video Games, Wants $200K for New Series

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Feminist Frequency spokesperson Anita Sarkeesian has announced her departure from covering video games to produce a new video series focusing on “overlooked women in history,” and she wants another $200,000 for it.

It appears Sarkeesian has decided to move onto the next thing after targeting video games; generic feminist commentary. It’s an industry that, unlike her little niche from before, is already drowned and overboarded with commentators, leaving Sarkeesian little room.

Sarkeesian first stepped into the limelight in 2012 with her “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” Kickstarter, where she raised nearly $160,000, a huge increase over the project goal of $6,000. With the money, Sarkeesian and her colleague Jonathan McIntosh produced a handful of short YouTube videos, the final episode of which revealed a nefarious conspiracy by video game designers to hide male characters’ butts.

Because of the lack of content, many people have criticised Feminist Frequency over their business and production skills, citing the amount of money raised compared to the quality and frequency of the organisation’s videos. The matters were also made worse when it was discovered Sarkeesian was charging up to $20,000 per public speech.

Interestingly, McIntosh seems to have been scrubbed from the new project altogether, with no mention of him on the “Team” page of the crowdfunding campaign.

So far, Sarkeesian has raised nearly $4,000 of her $200,000 project goal and there are just under 30 days left for the series to reach its funding. The project is hosted on “Seed and Spark,” a different crowdfunding platform to Sarkeesian’s previous campaign. It is unknown as to why Sarkeesian has decided to host the campaign on a lesser-known platform, but I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her previous project’s platform, Kickstarter, requires users to deliver on their campaign promises.

Charlie Nash is a frequent contributor to Breitbart Tech and former editor of the Squid Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington.


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