‘Trans-Black’ Rachel Dolezal Announces Book on ‘Racial Identity’

The Associated Press

Trans-black activist and former Spokane, Washington NAACP chapter leader Rachel Dolezal announced she is writing a book on “racial identity”.

Dolezal announced her plans on the Today show, claiming that she was “ready to move on” after resigning from her post at the NAACP last year when it was discovered that the activist was actually white.

“I’m ready to move on and think about the New Year,” said Dolezal in her interview on the show. “We’re looking at some new opportunities going into 2016”.

“You’ll be writing a book and you’ll be talking about and having an opportunity to really get into some of the complexities of racial identity. What are you hoping to say?” asked the interviewer.

“A lot of people have reached out to me over the past year… I’ve heard stories from people all around the world about their lives being somehow caught between boundary lines of race or culture or ethnicity, and so [it’s] this larger issue of you don’t fit into one box and if you don’t stay there your whole life being identified from birth, as who you are,” replied Dolezal. “Race is such a contentious issue because of the painful history of racism… so I think it’s really important to really think through some of those kind of topics and questions people have.”

“What is race?” Dolezal added. “Is there one human race, or is there… you know? Why do we still want to go back to that world view of separate races?”

Dolezal concluded the interview on the topic of her future, proclaiming that she was “really excited to write the book,” hoped to “get back to teaching” at some point, and expressed her excitement at getting back into “social justice work.”

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