BIAS: Twitter Suspends User After He Objects To ‘#KillAllWhitePeople’ And ‘#KillAllMen’ Hashtags

Twitter's growth woes have led to the return of co-founder Jack Dorsey as chief executive, and he has promised new services in a bid to boost growth and user engagement

A Twitter user had his account locked yesterday after he used the notorious ‘#KillAllMen’ and ‘#KillAllWhitePeople’ hashtags. But he wasn’t punished for supporting the hashtags — he was punished for opposing them.

The account, @DrEvilGamer, was asked to delete a tweet in which he suggested that the hashtags — that progressives claim are “jokes” wouldn’t be very funny if they were taken seriously.

Soon after posting the tweet, the user’s account was locked and he was asked to remove the messages.

“Kill All Men” is a slogan coined by feminists, later modified by progressive activists to include “Kill All Whites” and “Kill All White Men.” Taken literally, these slogans directly contravene Twitter’s rules against inciting violence, although defenders of the slogan insist that it’s just a “joke.”

This is the latest example of Twitter targeting those who object to progressive narratives on their platform. Last year, the liberty-minded actor Adam Baldwin saw his account locked after he criticised progressives on the platform. The social media platform was also plunged into controversy after it “unverified” the account of Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos without explanation.

Internal sources at the company have also told Breitbart that Twitter regularly interferes in its own algorithms to promote certain accounts and news sources above others.

Unlike Facebook, which recently scrambled to address similar complaints of bias against conservatives with a high-profile meeting of centre-right pundits at their California headquarters, Twitter has done comparatively little to address concerns about politically motivated punishments on the platform.

Jack Dorsey has publicly denied that his site censors people based on their political views, but he has yet to address any of the specific cases in a mounting list of examples that show the company does exactly that.

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