The Milo Show: ‘Social Justice Is Turning the Rest of Us into Bigots’


On this week’s episode of The Milo Yiannopoulos Show, Milo discussed the consequences of the radical social justice movement with Canadian writer and cultural critic Alex Kazemi.

Alex Kazemi — best known for his forthcoming novel Yours Truly, Brad Sela, which piqued the interest of actress Chloe Moretz and novelist Bret Easton Ellis — sat down with Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos to discuss the consequences of the growing social justice movement in America and throughout the world.

Kazemi compared the social justice movement to Scientology in that it exhibits some of the same cult-like characteristics as the controversial religion whose lore centers around a giant alien god named Xenu. “Social justice is Scientology. It is. It’s f**cking insanity. It’s a cult. They want you to join — join us!”

“When people become obsessed with hating you, you’re just more powerful. When they’re becoming obsessed with all of these issues – misogyny, homophobia, racism, whatever is on their mind that day, that just makes people out there more violent,” Kazemi claimed. “It’s going to fuel those people.”

Yiannopoulos agreed, arguing that the movement’s seemingly intrinsic tendency towards anger and hostility often converts potential supporters into detractors. “Social justice is turning the rest of us into bigots.”

“It’s like a Kafkaesque cycle. They create exactly the problem they claim to be ‘fighting against,'” Yiannopoulos argued. “[They] then use the products of their own behavior to prove that they are necessary.”

The episode premieres tomorrow on iTunes.

Tom Ciccotta writes about Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity for Breitbart. You can follow him on Twitter @tciccotta or on Facebook. You can email him at


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