Former Al Jazeera Reporter on Twitter: France ‘An Islamophobic Nation’, Attack Was ‘Blowback’

Rescue workers help injured people to get in a ambulance on July 15, 2016, after a truck drove into a crowd watching a fireworks display in the French Riviera town of Nice

Former Al Jazeera reporter and editor of the British “5Pillars” Muslim news outlet, Roshan M Salih, took to Twitter this morning to label France as “an Islamophobic nation” who deserved last night’s terrorist attack due to their “destructive foreign policy.”

“France is an Islamophobic nation with a hugely destructive foreign policy and these horrible attacks are a terrible blowback #NiceAttack,” wrote Salih in the post, which gained 75 retweets and 44 likes.

“The killer was Tunisian. So, again, what is French Foreign policy regrading Tunisia?” asked one user before Salih replied that Islam was not confined to one nation state.

Numerous other Islamists have also taken to Twitter since the terrorist attack in Nice, France last night to make excuses for the perpetrators and criticize France’s “Islamophobia” and “Imperialism”.

“You do not have to #PrayForNice. Too much praying is what leads to religious terrorism in the first place,” wrote one user before another replied “,also too much western imperialism…”

“Going to be yet another wave of Islamophobia after what’s happened in Nice, disgusting,” posted one user. “Seeing so much islamophobia on my tl,” wrote another, along with the crying emoji.

Mohamed Bouhlel from Tunisia drove a lorry into a crowd of people at the French celebration of Bastille last night, whilst shooting at them simultaneously and killing at least 80 people, including 10 children. Several witnesses claimed that Boulel shouted “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire.

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