Twitter’s PR Chief Quits After Just 6 Months

The number of monthly active Twitter users edged up to 313 million, up three percent from a year ago and only slightly more than the 310 million in the past quarter

Twitter’s VP of Communications, Natalie Kerris, has quit her role after just 6 months at the head of the company’s PR operation, reports BuzzFeed.

Twitter has struggled to define itself and its product as the platform’s user growth continues to flounder. This was once again underscored by the company’s disappointing earnings report, which caused the value of Twitter’s stock to plunge by $1.6 billion last week.

As Breitbart Tech readers will be aware, Twitter has also been dogged by political controversy. Its suspension of Milo Yiannopoulos has generated a full-scale campaign of protest from angry Milo fans, who are often highly motivated conservative activists. So far, Twitter has seen pro-Milo slogans scrawled outside its offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC, Toronto and Dublin. A Milo activist even walked into Twitter’s London offices, asking to speak with the “higher-ups.”

Nor can the company escape its detractors on the web. During the company’s already-dismal earnings call, its #TWTR hashtag was flooded with young activists demanding answers over Milo’s suspension. CEO Jack Dorsey was ultimately compelled to address the controversy personally, although his comments are unlikely to calm the company’s detractors.

Kerris, a former Apple employee, will be replaced by Leslie Berland, Twitter’s Chief Marketing Officer. Berland will now lead both marketing and communications at the company. With Twitter facing unprecedented problems, it’s likely that she now faces an even more difficult task than Kerris did when she joined the company.

In a statement to Business Insider, Twitter said “During her time leading communications at Twitter, Natalie helped us share the Twitter story with the world. We are grateful for her energy and enthusiasm and the impact she’s had, even in this short time. We wish her all the best.”

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