Clinton Supporters Hosting Hillary Fundraiser at Hacking Convention

Kevin Lamarque AP

A fundraiser will be held for Hillary Clinton at a cyber security conference in Las Vegas.

The fundraiser will take place for two hours on Wednesday evening as part of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference, which attracts prominent cyber security researchers and hackers from around the world.

Figures such as Black Hat Founder Jeff Moss, Department of Homeland Security White House Liaison Jake Braun, as well as Michael Sulmeyer, the Clinton campaign’s Cybersecurity Working Group Coordinator, will feature as part of the fundraiser.

However, Hillary Clinton herself will not be present at the fundraiser.

A spokesperson for Black Hat said the conference is “vendor (and politically) neutral,” adding that the event is not politically affiliated with the conference: “It’s being run completely independent of the conference.”

Meanwhile a Clinton campaign spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the “event was organized by supporters without any involvement from the campaign.”

The fundraiser comes after a hack on the Democratic National Committee email revealed that the committee had been actively trying to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign as the pressure mounted on Clinton.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has also pledged that the organisation will be releasing a “lot more” on Hillary Clinton in the coming weeks.

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