‘Pokemon Go’ Causes Stampede in Taiwan


In a shocking video depicting the latest act of mass hysteria around Niantec’s Pokemon Go, players in Taiwan stampeded down a street to capture a Snorlax.

The video shows a crowded Taiwanese street with many people walking along sidewalks and multiple vehicles stuck in traffic. All of a sudden hundreds of people begin to sprint en-masse down a side street. They were reportedly sprinting towards the location of a Snorlax, a rare Pokemon featured in the Niantec location-based mobile game, Pokemon Go.

It is believed that the incident took place in the Xinbeitou district of Taiwan, an area that has become quite popular for Pokemon Go players due to its high population of digital Pokemon characters to collect. According to Chinese media reports, overcrowding in the area has become such an issue, with thousands of players every day invading the streets, that the Chinese civil defense brigades and extra police officers have been deployed in the area.

This is far from the first dramatic incident surrounding Pokemon Go — but aside from a recent NYC stampede, it may be the largest population wise. One Pokemon Go player was stabbed in the arm while collecting Pokemon, refusing treatment in order to continue playing the game; another a man was shot dead while playing Pokemon Go in the park; and the game has even allegedly been leading players towards registered sex offenders.

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