65-Year-Old Woman Details Shooting Down Intruding Drone

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A 65-year-old woman from Virginia shot down a drone with a 20-gauge shotgun after it was spotted hovering over her property.

Jennifer Youngman was cleaning two shotguns on her porch when she heard the drone flying over her property.

“I go on minding my business, working on my .410 shotgun and the next thing I know I hear ‘bzzzzz,’” said Youngman. “This thing is going down through the field, and they’re buzzing like you would scaring the cows.”

“This drone disappeared over the trees and I was cleaning away, there must have been a five- or six-minute lapse, and I heard the ‘bzzzzz’… I loaded my shotgun and took the safety off, and this thing came flying over my trees,” she continued. “I don’t know if they lost command or if they didn’t have good command, but the wind had picked up. It came over my airspace, 25 or 30 feet above my trees, and hovered for a second. I blasted it to smithereens.”

When the two men piloting the drone began to walk up to Youngman after the incident, she told them that “the police are up here in The Plains and they are on their way and you need to leave.”

The men allegedly complied, with Youngman stating that they got straight into “their fancy ostentatious car” and left.

Since Youngman lives next door to Godfather and Apocalypse Now star Robert Duvall, it is believed that the men were paparazzi attempting to capture shots of Duvall’s estate.

“I put two and two together,” said Youngman. “They set up a card table and began flying it across the field. The cows were being disturbed, and I thought these might have been some of the same people who have been run off in the past.”

“We have people around here all the time, and he’s a really nice man,” said Youngman about Duvall. “But you have to respect other people’s property.”

Youngman has since recycled the drone parts, though not before the debris gave her tractor two flat tires.

“We’ve had quite a few laughs in the neighbourhood,” she said.

In July 2015, a man in Kentucky was arrested after he shot down a drone that was hovering over his daughters in the backyard.

A medieval reenactor was also forced to replace a drone in May, after he took it down with a throwing spear, citing the robot as “annoying” and immersion-breaking during the historic re-enactment.

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