Compassionate Leftists Celebrate Phyllis Schlafly’s Death

Phyllis Schlafly on Firing Line

Leftists have reminded the world just how much they hated Phyllis Schlafly. As news of the conservative author and activist’s death spread, Twitter was deluged with tweets celebrating her death.

While most of the tweets were from ordinary members of the public, many others came from columnists and commentators. Here’s Jeb Lund, a columnist for The Guardian. 

He was joined by Glenn Thrush, a senior writer for Politico.

Here’s another delightful tweet from a TED Talks employee and contributor to the feminist blog “Femsplain.”

The New Republic took the time to remind their declining audience of their opinion on Schlafly.

Author and journalist Mark Harris is currently at the movies, and wants the world to know.

Charles Johnson, a blogger, gets his wish.

Dan Ozzi, a writer for Vice, managed to fit lack of human decency and ignorance of cultural politics into a single tweet.

Tom McKay, a staff writer for, also chimed in.

So did Stacey Burns, a former New York Times reporter.

As did Katie Labusich, who hosts a radio show for Netroots and writes for The Establishment, an aptly-named feminist website.

And who can forget Devin Faraci, a lefty “geek culture” commentator who once said critics of social justice warriors were worse than ISIS.

It’s unrelated, but here’s a video of him losing a boxing match.

It wasn’t just pundits. Here’s Julie Klausner, co-star and creator of Difficult People, a series on Hulu.

The account of “Mrs. Betty Bowers,” a satirical character created by Canadian comedian Deven Green to mock Christian conservatives, also joined in the hate-tweeting. [CORRECTION: The character was created by Andrew Bradley and is played by Deven Green].

The tweets mostly came from leftists, but there were some exceptions. Here’s #NeverTrump-er John Ziegler, a conservative radio host and Mediaite contributor.

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