How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Chipotle Tweets Poll with ’69,’ ‘420’ Jokes

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The official Chipotle Twitter account is being compared to a “dad trying to be cool” after posting a poll referencing the “69” sex position and cannabis term “420”.

“How many burritos?” asked the Chipotle Twitter account on Tuesday, along with two possible answers to select: “69” and “420”.

The tweet has currently gathered over 85,000 votes, 6,000 retweets, and nearly 4,000 likes, though not without some backlash.

The answers are an obvious reference to the “69” sex position and the cannabis term “420”, and many users have found the whole ordeal to be quite cringe-worthy.

“This is pretty inappropriate. It’s like someone’s Dad trying to be cool,” replied one user.

“Somebody is about to lose their job LOL,” commented another.

One of the Twitter account’s admins proceeded to interact with commenters, writing, “It’s so lit over here fam.”

“[Chipotle] is the only company that really gets the people of this age,” joked one user, before Chipotle responded, “It’s because you’re our people”.

“420” is currently set to win the poll at 63%.

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