Assange: WikiLeaks Preparing to Release 100,000 More Clinton Documents

AFP Photo
AFP Photo

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has said the organisation is preparing to release a further 100,000 documents related to Hillary Clinton, after new sources came forward following the leak of Democratic National Committee emails in July.

In an interview with FOX host Sean Hannity, Assange said that WikiLeaks has “tens of thousands, possibly as many as a hundred thousand, pages of documents of different types, related to the operations that Hillary Clinton is associated with.”

“There are some several in response to the DNC publications, a lot of people have been inspired by the impact, and so they have stepped forward with additional material. I am very confident we’re going to get this material out before, long before, the day of the election,” he continued.

He suggested the release could come as early as next week, with the intention of creating maximum impact before November’s presidential election.

WikiLeaks was responsible for the release of over 19,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee back in July, which implicated the DNC in attempting to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the presidential nomination.

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