Police Mock Arrested Fugitive After He Taunted Them on Facebook

Rockdale County, Georgia

Police have hit back at a man who taunted them over Facebook by announcing his arrest on their Facebook page.

Sergio Batchelor, who was wanted by police on charges of multiple burglaries, had taunted police whilst on the run by posting a message on his Facebook saying he was going to turn himself in to the “weak ass investigators,” letting them know that he was at “home if y’all want me.”

A fugitive search team consequently found Batchelor at his home in DeKalb county after a month searching for him.

They later found evidence at the property which suggested he had been involved in a burglary the night before his arrest.

The police posted a photo of Batchelor on the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, saying that if you “mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

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