‘American Psycho’ Author Bret Easton Ellis Reads Monologue Blasting SJWs, BLM Pandering, Political Correctness

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images For Soho House & Co
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images For Soho House & Co

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis read a monologue written by provocateur and previous Milo Show guest, Alex Kazemi, during his latest podcast, blasting political correctness, Black Lives Matter, and the effect that the “liberal systematic narrative” has had on culture, in particular the Video Music Awards.

“I really, really hope that Lena Dunham doesn’t start turning into the Andrea Dworkin of our generation, yet another feminist, social justice warrior finding women as victims seemingly everywhere,” Ellis said at the 10:48 mark of his podcast on Monday.

“But it seemed as if the MTV awards were enshrined to this sort of thinking as well, going way out of their way to instil female empowerment, which is getting very, very boring,” he declared. “I’m not going to say that’s the reason that the VMA’s were down 35% this year, but I’m going to ask who the hell was the show for this year? There was nothing disturbing or shocking, no blurred lines, or stoned Miley bitching it out on stage with Nicki. There was no kind of rupture, and therefore no kind of fun.”

“Everyone got along and the kind of fake solidarity and fake inclusiveness that my favourite 22-year-old provocateur felt the need to denounce in an email to me, like he did with the last year’s VMA’s… and which really echoed what so many people felt about this year’s dreadful variety show,” continued Ellis, before reading out Kazemi’s monologue.

“This millennial wrote, and I’m quoting here… ‘The Black Lives Matter Sabbath that was the 2016 Video Music Awards dawned the end of our culture as we know it. The entire show was an ode to the liberal systematic narrative that is ‘white people are bad’, so let’s just make every other person on the screen a black female, because we’re just so terrified of threatening our millennial demographic raised on a diet of trigger warnings, and safe spaces, and self-victimization.’”

“’Almost every frame in the show eluded to third-wave feminism and women’s empowerment. This was totally fake and corporate, but this is the end result of capitalism, because the MTV awards are now officially the system,’” Ellis went on, reading Kazemi’s email.

“’The show’s mask was to make everyone seem like a good person via pandering references to Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and Martin Luther King. This was the script, the dogma, which is all about obeying. Obeying the script. And the fear you could feel hovering over everything if anyone dared to flip it. This is what is killing our culture right now, the fear of punishment for not adhering to group-think ideology. The fear of not adhering to the corporate culture status quo.’”

“’MTV doesn’t want us to receive any dangerous pop imagery, because they’re scared of offending, unless it falls under the safety hood of ‘politically correct.’ The problem is pop music should offend. Pop music should not be politically correct,’” Ellis concluded, still quoting Kazemi’s words.

“’Fuck MTV and fuck the VMA’s.’”

Ellis has previously slammed political correctness and social justice on his podcast, most notably in August when he blasted the “little snowflakes,” language policing “Nazis,” and hysterical feminists in a long monologue of his own.

You can listen to the full show here.

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