Mic, the New Gawker, Sabotages Gay Military Fundraiser

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Facebook / Jack Smith IV

Left-wing news and commentary site Mic.com has sabotaged a gay military fundraiser that was due to take place at Lucian Wintrich’s upcoming pro-Trump art show, #DaddyWillSaveUs.

Jack Smith IV, a writer at Mic, reached out to the American Military Partners Association, a gay military charity that Wintrich was planning to donate 30% of his art sales to. Smith’s email persuaded the charity to reject any donations from the event.

“The host of the show is conservative photographer Lucian Wintrich, who is known for creating the Twinks4Trump photo series depicting young gay men in pro-Trump garb” wrote Smith for Mic on Tuesday.

“Thirty percent of the proceeds from the event were meant to go to the American Military Partners Association, the leading support network for families of LGBTQ veterans.”

No thanks, says the AMPA.

Ashley Broadway-Mack, the president of the group, said that the group would reject the money. “Based upon what we know, this is not something we’d be able to accept,” he said in an email.

It is unknown as to why Smith used a male pronoun while quoting the definitely-female Ashley Broadway-Mack, but that is beside the point.

Mic’s sabotage comes after the revelations of a mass email that was sent out to journalists at dozens of news outlets, including Mic.com, that urged them not to cover Wintrich’s art event.

Death and Taxes writer Jamie Peck sent out the email to fellow journalists at left-wing news outlets, writing “Some alt-right clowns (Shkreli included) are having an art show in New York this weekend in the hopes of causing a media circus.”

“How about we make like we did with this email chain and ignore it until it goes away?” he concluded. “Have a sparklingTuesday. :)”

The event is still going on as planned in New York this Saturday, and is set to include art pieces by Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, internet villain Martin Shkreli, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, and more, as well as Wintrich’s signature Twinks4Trump exhibition.

Wintrich, who was shocked at Mic’s decision to sabotage a charitable fundraiser for partners of homosexuals in the military, is currently looking for a similar charity to designate the 30% of profits to.

You can purchase tickets for the art show at IndieGoGo here.

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