Kellyanne Conway Burns Hillary Clinton over Tweet Celebrating 9th Circuit Ruling

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts as she listens to a question from the audience during a campaign event at Uncle Nancy's Coffee in Newton, Iowa on September 6.

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway hit back at failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Twitter Thursday, after Clinton mocked President Trump’s immigration order being blocked by the 9th Circuit Court.

As reported by Fox News, “Clinton tweeted, ‘3-0,’ after a federal appeals court ruled unanimously against reinstating Trump’s order on immigration and refugees. The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco all sided against the order.”

In response, Conway tweeted the abbreviations of three vital states that Clinton lost during the 2016 presidential election to Trump: “PA, WI, MI.”

Clinton might have been better served staying out of the spotlight after her historic failure in the 2016 election as Republicans step up their Twitter game. In January, Sen. Ted Cruz successfully trolled sports site Deadspin after he responded to their bounty for a picture of the senator playing basketball.

“What do I win?” Cruz asked in his reply, which included a photo of Duke star Grayson Allen, who looks similar to Cruz.

“Go eat shit,” Deadspin replied, prompting Cruz to send an Anchorman GIF with the caption, “Boy, that escalated quickly.”

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