Report: Life Expectancy Could Reach 90-Years Old for Some by 2030

Pope Francis urged Christians on Monday to treasure the presence of elderly family members and not to discard them like “waste material.”
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A report released by the World Health Organisation claims that the average human life expectancy is set to increase worldwide, with some groups living to the average age of 90.

The international study conducted by the WHO (World Health Organisation) found that amongst the highest income countries worldwide, the United States is likely to have one of the lowest life expectancies in 2030, with men expected to live until approximately 79.5 while women will live until 83.3 years. Part of the reason for America’s low ranking by the WHO was supposedly the USA’s lack of universal healthcare services.

America’s high rates of homicide and obesity reportedly also lead to the low life expectancy predictions by the WHO.  “The fact that we will continue to live longer means we need to think about strengthening the health and social care systems to support an aging population with multiple health needs,” said lead researcher and a professor at Imperial College London’s school of public health, Majid Ezzati.

The report stated that life expectancies in European countries were much higher, with French women and Swiss men predicted to have the highest expectancy on the continent. French women had an average expectancy of 88.6 years while Swiss men reached nearly 84 years.

South Korea, however, had the highest overall life expectancy projection of any country, with women reaching an expectancy of 90.8 years and men reaching 84.1 years.

“Many people used to believe that 90 years is the upper limit for life expectancy, but this research suggests we will break the 90-year-barrier,” said Professor Ezzati. “We repeatedly hear that improvements in human longevity are about to come to an end.. I don’t believe we’re anywhere near the upper limit of life expectancy – if there even is one.”

The full report can be read here.

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