Downed Amazon Web Servers Cause Chaos Across Internet

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A number of websites became unavailable Tuesday after Amazon’s website hosting service went down unexpectedly.

“Trello, Quora, IFTTT, and Splitwise all appear to be offline, as are websites built with the site-creation service Wix; GroupMe seems to be unable to load assets (The Verge’s own image system, which relies on Amazon, is also down); and Alexa is struggling to stay online, too,” reported the Verge. “Nest’s app was unable to connect to thermostats and other devices for a period of time as well.”

It was even reported that, a popular site used to tell whether other sites are down, has been affected.

Over one million people use Amazon’s service to host their own websites, while the list includes large technology companies such as Snapchat and even some government agencies.

Though the majority of sites affected have since gone back online, some appear to still be facing issues.

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