Hyperloop One Releases Images of Test Track

Grinding a fresh cut on one of Hyperloop's tubes at tMheir etalworks tooling shop in North Las Vegas.
Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One has released the first images of their full-scale test track in the Nevada Desert which is currently under construction.

Hyperloop One first tested their propulsion methods in Nevada in May 2016, demonstrating how they could transport pods down their tubing in an open-air version of the system. This resulted in the test reaching a fraction of the possible speeds of a fully completed Hyperloop.

Known as DevLoop, the new test track is meant to show off every aspect of the project. Judging by the images and video released, Hyperloop is well on their way to being able to launch their first full test of the system, planned for the first half of 2017. CEO Robert Lloyd told TechCrunch in January that the technology is now at a point for it to be a reality, and that all that needs to happen is a successful execution of the concept.

Comprised of around 500 meters of tubing, Hyperloop intends for DevLoop to demonstrate proof of concept for their first commercial project, which is planned to connect Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Currently, it takes around 2 hours to travel the 100 miles between the two. A Hyperloop system would cut that journey time down to 12 minutes. Hyperloop One would first focus on carrying goods between the two, then potentially move onto passengers.

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