Elon Musk: ‘I Am a Socialist’

Tesla CEO and PayPal billionaire Elon Musk surprised many Friday when he declared on Twitter that he is a socialist. Conservative critics, however, may well have agreed, given his companies’ reliance on the state.

Elon Musk socialist (Mark Brake / Getty)

Hyperloop One Success Drives $80 Million More Funding

“Hyper loop One,” which promises to rocket commuters at up to 700 miles-per-hour in what looks like a pneumatic tube, successfully demonstrated a vehicle at a Nevada test site and announced $80 million in new funding from partnerships and venture capital.

Hyperloop (David Becker / Getty)

Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’: L.A. to S.F. in 30 Minutes

Tesla founder Elon Musk’s new project, a high-speed tube transportation system called the “Hyperloop” that would take passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in roughly 30 minutes, could become a reality within 10 years, according to Hyperloop CEO Dirk

Hyperloop / ET3