Elon Musk: ‘I Am a Socialist’

Tesla CEO and PayPal billionaire Elon Musk surprised many Friday when he declared on Twitter that he is a socialist. Conservative critics, however, may well have agreed, given his companies’ reliance on the state.

Elon Musk socialist (Mark Brake / Getty)

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Elon Musk’s Boring Company Tunnel Under LA

Neighborhood groups filed a lawsuit to stop the City of Los Angeles’ fast-tracking an environmental exemption ‘The Boring Company’ hyperloop tunnel under the city. The lawsuit is in response to the L.A. City Council’s Public Works Committee unanimously approving an April

hyperloop train

Boring Company Wins First Hyperloop Commercial Drilling Approval

Washington, DC, has issued the Boring Company its first commercial drilling permit for a Hyperloop tunnel that CEO Elon Musk promises will eventually offer a 29-minute service to downtown New York City. The drilling permit follows Musk’s July tweet that he had “verbal government

The Boring Company Flame Throwers

California High-Speed Rail Loses in Court — Again

The California High-Speed Rail Authority will have to obey the state’s environmental laws despite a federal board’s ruling that federal laws supersede them, according to a decision by a panel of Ninth Circuit judges on Wednesday.

Signing high-speed rail track (Gary Kazanjian / Associated Press)

Stratfor: Russia Nears Easing of Western Sanctions

In a dramatic turnaround from last year, Russia’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum attracted huge numbers of Western government officials and business leaders, despite U.S. and EU sanctions that are expected to be renewed.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has called for an energy alliance with Europe

Hyperloop One Success Drives $80 Million More Funding

“Hyper loop One,” which promises to rocket commuters at up to 700 miles-per-hour in what looks like a pneumatic tube, successfully demonstrated a vehicle at a Nevada test site and announced $80 million in new funding from partnerships and venture capital.

Hyperloop (David Becker / Getty)

Hyperloop Promises L.A.-to-S.F. Commute for $30

With the audacious, crowdsourced “Hyperloop” meeting all its technical design milestones, the company’s CEO just promised the L.A.-to-San Francisco commute time will be 36 minutes–and only cost $30.

Dick Ahlborn and Hyperloop (Jack Plunkett / Associated Press)

Hyperloop’s Crowdsourced Train Advances as Cal High Speed Rail Fails

The audaciousness of EIon Musk to challenge bone-headed establishment thinking is on maximum display this month as his SpaceX organization helps launch the design competition for a “sub-scale” Hyperloop prototype pod train. Unlike the California High Speed Rail, that no

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Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’: L.A. to S.F. in 30 Minutes

Tesla founder Elon Musk’s new project, a high-speed tube transportation system called the “Hyperloop” that would take passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in roughly 30 minutes, could become a reality within 10 years, according to Hyperloop CEO Dirk

Hyperloop / ET3