Report: Health Blogger Accidentally Poisons Herself in Live Broadcast


A Chinese fashion blogger reportedly accidentally poisoned herself during a live stream after mistaking a poisonous plant for an aloe vera plant.

The Independent reports that a 26-year-old video blogger known online as Zhang poisoned herself during a video broadcast after biting into what she believed to be aloe vera plant leaves. The leaves, however, reportedly belonged to an Agave Americana plant, which is poisonous. Zhang can be seen in the broadcast taking a large bite into one of the leaves before commenting on its bitterness.

Zhang’s skin reportedly broke out in a rash and blisters began forming. The young vlogger had her stomach pumped at a local hospital to remove the poison from her body.

The Agave Americana plant sap contains acrid oils, calcium oxalate crystals saponins, and other dangerous compounds, not designed for human consumption. Zhang reportedly stated that just one bite of the lead made her mouth go numb and her throat burn.

Zhang is reported to be in a stable condition in hospital according to The Shanghaiist.

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