Case Western Offers Students $500 Grant to Attend Social Justice Conference


Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in offering students the opportunity to apply for a $500 grant to attend a conference related to social justice activism.

Case Western Reserve University has an open offer to students looking to attend a social justice activism conference. A certain amount of applicants will receive a $500 stipend to attend a conference of their choosing, as long as it supports Case Western’s definition of social justice.

The Social Justice Institute leadership team will look for applications to attend conferences that, in some way, support and uphold the institute’s definition of social justice: eradicating systems of oppression with the purpose of advancing fairness and equality through the redistribution and expansion of resources, and exalting human dignity and respect.

According to the application, the scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship fund is aimed at students who believe social justice conference will help to bolster their educational and professional development.

The Social Justice Institute is accepting scholarship applications from students interested in attending conferences with a focus on social justice and related issues. A scholarship fund has been established for undergraduate and graduate students to attend conferences that will enhance their educational, professional and personal development.

A review of the Case Western Reserve website reveals that the school does not offer a similar scholarship to conservative and libertarian students that are looking to enhance their political and professional development.

The $500 from the scholarship may be used by selected students to pay for conference fees, travel, and lodging expenses. The scholarship is funded by Case Western’s Social Justice Institute, which exists to advance the institution’s belief that “the university community should be educators and leaders in advancing an inclusive and just society that raises awareness of social injustice; enhances moral courage; promotes critical thinking about power, privilege, and equity; and encourages action and equitable solutions.”

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