Free Speech Platform Gab Wants To Hire Google’s Anti-PC Manifesto Author

Gab is a free speech friendly social media platform
Gab, the famously free-speech friendly social media platform, has extended a job offer to the Google staffer currently facing a backlash for writing an internal memo criticizing political correctness at the company.

The memo, entitled “PC Considered Harmful,” criticized Google for maintaining an atmosphere of political groupthink, in which employees with viewpoints that challenge leftist narratives are forced to keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs. He also criticized Google for ignoring the latest research on gender differences and their interplay with the lack of women in STEM jobs.

With the employees career under attack by SJWs inside and outside Google, the CEO of has now offered the still-unnamed staffer a job in the event that he is forced out of Google.

In a comment to Breitbart News, Gab CEO Andrew Torba said:

Gab supports the free and open expression of all ideas. What this document and the reaction to it prove is that Silicon Valley exists in a bubble world where Wrong Think is not permitted.

They preach tolerance and yet are intolerant of any conservatives ideas. They praise diversity and yet shun conservatives out of their workplace. They applaud the bravery of folks who speak out when it aligns with their own far-left agenda, but scorn a conservative who dares to stand up for what they believe in.

The Ideological Echo Chamber has now been exposed for the world to see. We plan to continue to magnify this message and the voices of others who are brave enough to risk their job to take a stand against the cultural Marxism and far-left status quo hypocrisy of Silicon Valley.

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