Anthony Scaramucci-Linked Twitter Account Posts, Then Deletes Holocaust Poll

The Associated Press

The Scaramucci Post, a Twitter account linked to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, tweeted a poll on Tuesday asking how many Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

The Jerusalem Post reports that The Scaramucci Post tweeted a poll from their own Twitter account titled, “How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?” The poll allowed Twitter users to select a number of options ranging between less than one million to more than five million.

The poll was deleted shortly afterward, and The Scaramucci Post account tweeted a screenshot of the poll along with an explanation for the post:

Lance Laifer, whose Twitter bio lists him as the CEO of Old Forge Media Management, was blamed for posting the poll and has since apologized. He claimed the poll was intended to highlight the general public’s ignorance of facts relating to the Holocaust.

CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted that sources close to Scaramucci claim he was furious about the post:

Arthur Schwartz, Scaramucci’s friend who has previously been quoted as his PR rep, also took issue with the poll in a number of tweets. Schwartz did, however, seem to call out Laifer directly rather than Scaramucci. Replying to Laifer’s tweet that the poll wasn’t meant to offend anyone, Schwartz stated, “The problem is that you’re not offended by it.”

When Laifer claimed that the poll was an attempt to highlight the lack of education around the Holocaust, Schwartz replied, “But it ended up highlighting @lancelaifer’s ignorance instead. And embarrassed Anthony & people associated with him. Just stop.”

The Scaramucci Post Twitter account continues to retweet tweets defending the poll.

Anthony Scaramucci posted a statement on his personal Twitter account apologizing for the incident:

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