Oklahoma City T-Mobile Store Manager Allegedly Stole Nude Photos from Woman’s iPhone

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A T-Mobile store manager in Oklahoma City allegedly stole nude photos stored on a woman’s iPhone and attempted to cover up his tracks.

Police received a complaint Thursday evening about Jesus Cardenas, 26, who worked at the T-Mobile store on Southwest 44th Street and South Western Avenue.

The victim alleged that Cardenas, the store’s manager, located ten nude photos on her phone and sent them to himself via text message without her permission, the Daily Mail reported.

She said that she left her phone at the store with Cardenas that day after she requested that he repair her new iPhone.

The customer added that she was not initially aware of what happened because the T-Mobile employee allegedly deleted the text message from her “sent” folder to hide the evidence.

The woman, however, found a copy of the deleted message thread on her Apple Watch, and contacted authorities once she realized that the ten pictures had been sent to an unfamiliar number.

“He did delete them from her phone, showing that he had sent the messages from that phone,” Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Megan Morgan told WJW. “Fortunately, in this case, she had her watch on which showed that she had a record of those messages being sent.”

Investigators confronted Cardenas about the victim’s allegations at the T-Mobile store and later took him into custody.

The incident report states that Cardenas’ cell phone number matched the number where the photos had been sent.

Police booked him into the county jail and charged him with one count of non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images and one count of receiving and concealing private property.

A T-Mobile spokesperson told KWTV that the company is “actively investigating” the incident and working with law enforcement.

“We don’t tolerate this type of behavior and are actively investigating,” the representative stated.


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