Boston Dynamics Debuts Cute ‘SpotMini’ Robot Quadraped

robot boston dynamics
Boston Dynamics/YouTube

SoftBank’s Boston Dynamics robotics company published a video to YouTube demonstrating a far less creepy version of their four-legged SpotMini robot.

With its cyberpunk-beast look polished away by the addition of cheerful yellow plating, the “SpotMini” is a far more appealing model of Boston Dynamics’ ongoing development of walking, running robots. Aside from the less disturbing appearance, SpotMini is also significantly more graceful than its forebears — adding to the illusion of an artificial animal life.

The video says that SpotMini is “coming soon,” but the robot maker has yet to communicate whether that represents an extended demonstration of its capabilities or the introduction of a robotic version of man’s-best-friend into consumers’ hands.

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