VIDEO: Parents Record 4-Year-Old Chicago Boy Reading 100 Books in 1 Day

Caleb Green, a 4-year-old Chicago boy, read 100 books in a single day—and his parents recorded it on Facebook Live.

A four-year-old Chicago boy has done the unthinkable for someone his age, reading 100 books in a single day—and his parents recorded every moment of it.

As Caleb Green embarked on his reading marathon Saturday, his parents decided to capture this feat on Facebook Live.

Thousands of viewers from all over the country watched as Caleb paged through tales of dogs and Ninja turtles.

“I like to read, and I want to read some more like my sister,” Caleb said.

To keep his motivation strong, Caleb did a happy dance every time he finished ten books. His parents also kept viewers motivated to cheer Caleb’s reading efforts on social media by promoting the hashtag #calebreads100:

When Caleb told his parents of his ambitious plan, they wholeheartedly supported him by scouring their bookshelves for reading material.

“I was like, 100, son? That’s a lot of books. So at first, I had the gut reaction to talk him down a little bit but he was like, ‘No, I want to read 100,'” his father, Sylus Green, told WLS.

Caleb’s father said that he is inspired by his son’s determination.

As far as Caleb’s plans for the future go, he has some pretty ambitious goals.

“I want to be a basketball player. When I am 22 I want to be an astronaut and when I’m 23 I want to be a Ninja turtle,” he said.

If Caleb keeps his reading efforts up, maybe he will be invited to meet the librarian of Congress.

Carla Hayden, the fourteenth librarian of Congress, offered a four-year-old girl named Daliyah a chance to become “librarian for a day” at the Library of Congress in January after hearing that Daliyah read more than 1,000 books—including some college-level texts.


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