Top 10 Verified Twitter Account Meltdowns of 2017

Rosie O'Donnell speaks at a rally calling for resistance to President Donald Trump, T
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2017 was full of meltdowns from overwhelmingly left-wing, anti-Trump verified Twitter users. Here were some of the highlights of the year.

1. “I…worked on this story for a year…and…he just…he tweeted it out.”

Journalist and associate professor Jared Yates Sexton went viral in July following his meltdown.

After Donald Trump Jr. voluntarily posted several private emails on Twitter, Sexton freaked out, claiming to have “worked on this story for a year… and… he just… he tweeted it out.”


Since President Trump announced his intentions to run for the Oval Office, Rosie O’Donnell has dedicated her Twitter account to permanently attacking him, even going so far as to call the President “the darkness itself,” in one tantrum against the democratically-elected leader of the United States.

3. [Unintelligible]

Musician Cher has long been a Trump critic, posting daily tweets consisting of pidgin English and emojis.

Though her posts are visibly anti-Trump, it is often difficult to decipher anything else about them.

4. “My kids & I were trying to convince my wife that ‘tentacle porn’ existed.”

After users on Twitter noticed hentai porn opened in a tab on a photo Kurt Eichenwald posted of his computer screen, he desperately attempted to come up with an excuse: “I was just trying to watch tentacle porn with my kids.”

Users were quick to point out, however, that the hentai porn open on Eichenwald’s computer did not contain any tentacles.

5. “Nobody tell me how to feel knowing if I lose my insurance, Im dead. I want the GOPrs who support this to feel the pain in their own families.”

Just one month before the hentai porn incident, Eichenwald expressed hope that the families of Republican politicians would feel pain and even death.

6. “I miss George III”

Hollywood director Joss Whedon hates President Trump so much, he claimed to “miss George III” in a series of meltdown posts on Twitter in December.

Other meltdown posts included a picture portraying Speaker Paul Ryan as a vampire, and a declaration claiming he would listen to Eminem’s song “Like Home” on repeat until 2019.

7. “I like my fascists the old-fashioned way; dead, hanging from lamp-posts…”

After labeling President Trump a “fascist” in several previous tweets, GOP #NeverTrump pundit Rick Wilson then called for the lynching of “fascists.”

“I like my fascists the old-fashioned way; dead, hanging from lamp-posts as we liberate their victims,” he declared, gaining nearly 15,000 likes.

8. “What they call ‘heritage’ and ‘tradition’ we call ‘oppression’ and ‘fascism’,” & “Open all borders, to everyone, always… catches like ‘need’ or ‘at-risk’ are just weapons to keep everyone out.”

Convicted military intel leaker and left-wing transgender icon Chelsea Manning is no stranger to posting crazy, emoji-laden rants on Twitter, and 2017 was her most prominent year yet, after being let out of prison by President Obama before the end of his term.

“What they call ‘heritage’ and ‘tradition’ we call ‘oppression’ and ‘fascism’,” and “Open all borders, to everyone, always… catches like ‘need’ or ‘at-risk’ are just weapons to keep everyone out,” were just two of Manning’s most infamous posts of the year, while others supported the idea of having open borders, letting in “everyone, no exceptions.”

9. Trump is a f-cking joke. this is all a sham. i wish someone would just shoot him outright,” & “Fuck white america. fuck white supremacy. fuck white people.”

Kevin Allred, at the time a professor at Rutgers University, called for the assassination of Donald Trump in a since-deleted tweet. Allred’s career at Rutgers ended after a psychiatric hospital visit following his threats against “white people,” but his Twitter career was just getting warm.

Allred demonstrated the intellectual rigor we expect from academics in this December tweet. Twitter presumably agrees with his assertions, according to their new verification policy, since Allred remains a verified Twitter user.

10. “I want to puke.”

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano had to meltdowns this year in relation to Democratic politician Jon Ossoff.

As previously reported by Big Hollywood’s Jerome Hudson, “Ossoff, a 30-year-old former Capitol Hill staffer and documentary filmmaker, was seen as the Democratic Party’s hope to steal a seat that had been held by a Republican for 40 years,” however despite Hollywood’s attempts at pushing him through to Congress, he quickly came up short.

“I want to puke,” posted Milano on Twitter in April, after Ossoff failed to receive 50 percent of the vote.

Milano had no better luck following a runoff election in June, where Ossoff lost to Republican challenger Karen Handel.

“GROUPHUG,” posted Milano following the defeat. “Get in.”

Special Mention

Though there were many triggered responses to President Trump’s first major address in Congress earlier this year, no one had a greater meltdown than Hollywood star Charlie Sheen.

“[S]uck a bag of soiled dicks, you FASCIST, legally retarded, DESPOTIC IMBECILE!” raged Sheen in a Twitter post, before quickly deleting it.

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