Sex Robot Company Considering Transgender Droids

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A Californian sex robot company is considering the production and sale of transgender sex robots.

“We do believe there is a market not only for transgender, but for any other sexual preferences of gender,” said Realbotix AI head Guile Lindroth, who added that a transgender sex robot is “not out of our plans,” and would not be “difficult.”

Despite this, Lindroth declared they “are starting with female and male before going further,” with their male sex robot set to launch this year.

Though there are no transgender sex robots yet, Realdoll, the company which owns Realbotix, “currently offers penis attachments for female sex dolls,” according to the Sun, who also claimed that “the company offers to create custom-built ‘trans’ dolls for anyone willing to pay.”

Some transgender activists, however, have expressed concerns that a transgender sex robot could promote negative ideas.

“Christine Burns MBE, a trans rights activist for nearly 30 years, told The Sun that a sex droid might just promote ‘the porn industry’s idea of a ‘she male’,” reported the Sun. “She says this is a ‘creation which some kinds of men get aroused over’, but which bears ‘no resemblance to everyday trans people.'”

“This kind of exploitative fantasy creation simply reinforces the idea that trans women are sexual objects,” expressed Burns. “The idea of ‘chicks with dicks’ is a representation created by men to exploit a market… I don’t begrudge people getting their thrills in what private way takes their fancy, this is in no way any kind of advancement or ‘acceptance’ for trans people… They spend their lives striving to live an authentic existence.”

Transgender Trend spokesman Stephanie Davies also claimed the concept of transgender sex robots “damages the new carefully-constructed image of transgender as having nothing to do with sexuality or fetish.”

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