Ten Western Tourists Detained in Cambodia Following Pool Party for ‘Dancing Pornographically’

Cambodia has arrested 10 western tourists after a pool party
AP/Cambodian National Police

Ten Western tourists have been detained in Cambodia after they participated in a pool party, accused of “dancing pornographically.”

According to the New York Post, the ten tourists, which include those from the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, were “charged with producing pornographic photos during a party near Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat temple complex,” in Siem Reap, after they were accused of “dancing pornographically.”

Eighty others were also briefly detained, with just ten remaining in captivity.

The “pornographic photos” which were released by police show “clothed young adults rolling around together on a dance floor, however, there is “enough evidence to prove that they violated the law, and therefore, they must face charges,” according to prosecutor Samrith Sokhon.

Despite this, some of the tourists claim not to have been visible in the offending “pornographic photos.”

In a statement, Siem Reap’s head of anti-human trafficking and juvenile protection, Duong Thavry, claimed, “We cracked down on them because they committed activities that are against our culture.”

Cambodia, which cracked down on “skimpy clothes” at the Angkor Wat temple complex in 2016, has previously taken action against Western tourists who don’t follow the nation’s laws and customs, and in 2015, two women from the United States were arrested for taking pictures of their buttocks in Angkor — a holy site.

The travel advice website for citizens of the United Kingdom, where five of those detained are from, warns tourists to abide by the “official code of conduct for visitors to Angkor Wat and other religious sites.”

“You shouldn’t wear skirts or shorts above the knee or tops that reveal bare shoulders,” the advice declares, adding, “If you’re arrested and convicted of a crime in Cambodia you can expect a long prison sentence. Pre-trial detention can also last many months.”

“The conditions in Cambodian prisons are extremely poor and overcrowded. Medical facilities in prisons are also extremely poor,” they warned. “The UK has no prisoner transfer agreement with Cambodia so if you’re found guilty you can expect to serve your full prison term in Cambodia, have your visa revoked and be deported when released.”

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