VIDEO: College Students Condemn Trump’s SOTU Address as ‘Racist’ Before It Happens

VIDEO: College Students Condemn Trump’s SOTU Address as ‘Racist’ Before It Happens

Several students at New York University in New York City sounded off on President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address before the speech took place.

Cabot Phillips of the conservative college news site Campus Reform interviewed several students on NYU’s campus about their thoughts on Trump’s State of the Union address, and many gave their opinions on the speech despite it not having happened yet.

“We’ve been getting people’s reactions to Trump’s State of the Union last night, some people were saying it was the most racist State of the Union that’s ever happened. What was your reaction to everything that was said?” Philips asked.

“Quite racist at the very least, if not up there with most racist,” one student replied.

Another student said Trump had the temperament of “a three-year-old child,” while others said the president’s speech was “offensive” and “ridiculous.”

Phillips told Fox & Friends First Monday morning that he was not surprised by students’ responses to his questions because of what he says is the liberal ideology most college campuses promote.

“For people that pride themselves on being so open-minded and so tolerant, it was disappointing — but not surprising — to see they made up their mind based on rhetoric, based on preconceived ideas about Donald Trump and about the Republican Party, but not actually on facts,” Phillips said.

Trump will give his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, although many Democratic lawmakers are boycotting the address over Trump’s alleged comments about “shithole” countries.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also announced that she would not attend the address.


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