Report: Those With Great Sex Lives More Likely to Cheat

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

People with great sex lives are more likely to cheat on their partners, according to a report.

Researchers from Florida State University based their findings on a “three-year-long analysis of the marital behaviors of 233 newlyweds,” according to the Independent, who reported that the researchers, “found that those who were satisfied with sex in their relationship were more likely to cheat on their partner, possibly because they ‘felt more positive about sex in general.'”

The report also revealed that “younger people and less attractive women” were more likely to cheat on their partners too, while men were more likely to cheat “when their partners were less attractive.”

Men who had more experience with “short-term sexual relationships” were more likely to cheat, while the opposite was true for women.

According to the report, techniques that could “minimize the chances of infidelity occurring,” included “attentional disengagement,” and “evaluative devaluation” of “potential romantic partners.”

“People are not necessarily aware of what they’re doing or why they’re doing it,” claimed researcher Jim McNulty. “These processes are largely spontaneous and effortless, and they may be somewhat shaped by biology and/or early childhood experiences.”

Last month, CNN claimed cuckoldry “can be positive for some couples,” citing a study by controversial, far-left LGBT figure Dan Savage.

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