Shop Owner Gives Thief Two Options: Apologize for Crime on Facebook Live Or Go to Jail

Florida Business owner Bo Larsen offered an alleged thief the choice of being arrested or confessing on Facebook Live, which the man chose to do.
Facebook/Bo Larsen

A shop owner gave an alleged thief two options after he was reportedly caught stealing: apologize for the crime on Facebook Live, or go to jail.

Tyler Stanley allegedly stole an item from shop owner Bo Larsen’s smoke shop in Cocoa Village, Florida, while also applying for a job, and was given the option of apologizing on Facebook Live or having charges pressed against him — prompting Stanley to choose the apology.

“My name is Tyler Stanley and I made the biggest mistake of my life,” he declared during the live apology, which was shared “hundreds of times” before being deleted. “I could have had a great job.”

“You’ve got a 100 people watching you right now,” Larsen reportedly replied to Stanley, to which Stanley responded, “That’s fine… I wish it was a million.”

Though Stanley admitted to the crime, he also claimed “he didn’t remember because he said he’s bipolar,” according to Click Orlando.

During the live apology, the thief, who wore a Tupac t-shirt, also proclaimed, “I really don’t remember doing that. I would have never done that if I was in my right mind,” and, “I’m one of the biggest losers. I wish I remember doing it.”

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