UConn to Host Women’s March Organizer and Sharia Law Advocate Linda Sarsour

linda sarsour
Penny Starr/Breitbart News

Muslim-American activist and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour is set to speak at the University of Connecticut on March 7.

Sarsour, who infamously tweeted that activists Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserved to have “their vaginas [taken] away,” is gearing up for a March 7 event at the University of Connecticut.

“Brigitte Gabriel = Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an ass whippin’,” tweeted Sarsour. “I wish I could take their vaginas away — they don’t deserve to be women.” The tweet was especially considered insensitive because Hirsi was forced to undergo female genital mutilation as a young child.

When confronted by a student about the tweet, Sarsour argued that the criticism of the tweet was invalid because the student was a “young white man.”

“People say stupid sh*t sometimes, ” she added.

Sarsour has also been accused of anti-semitism. In November, Sarsour was condemned after she blamed her poor reputation on the influence of the “Jewish media.”

“If what you’re reading all day long, morning and night, in the Jewish media is that Linda Sarsour and Minister Farrakhan are the existential threat to the Jewish community, something really bad’s going to happen and we’re going to miss the mark on it,” she said.

Sarsour ironically made the comment on a panel about anti-semitism at the New School in New York City. “Having Linda Sarsour…leading a panel on #antisemitism is like Oscar Meyer leading a panel on vegetarianism,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted before Sarsour’s comments. “These panelists know the issue, but unfortunately, from the perspective of fomenting it rather than fighting it.”

Sarsour was also the subject of a New York Times column entitled “When Progressives Embrace Hate,” penned by columnist Bari Weiss. Weiss highlighted Sarsour’s comment that “Zionism” is “creep[y],” her admiration of cop killer and fugitive Assata Shakur, and her unusual praise of Sharia law.

“You’ll know when you’re living under Shariah law if suddenly all your loans and credit cards become interest-free. Sound nice, doesn’t it?” Sarsour once tweeted.

An event page on the University of Connecticut’s official website describes Sarsour as a “racial justice and civil rights activist.”

It’s set to take place on Wednesday at the Student Union Theatre.


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