2016 Uber Breach Exposed Personal Data of Over 25 Million Americans

Should Uber users be worried about data hack?

An Uber data breach in 2016 exposed the personal information of over 25 million Americans, according to a report.

The data breach exposed over 25 million Americans’ unencrypted names and email addresses, “22.1 million names and mobile phone numbers, and 607,000 names and driver’s license numbers,” which were taken from a “data-storage service run by Amazon.com Inc,” according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

57 million Uber users in total, across the globe, are reported to have been affected by the data breach.

According to the Bloomberg, “Uber failed to disclose the leak last year as the agency investigated and sanctioned the company for a similar data breach that happened in 2014.”

In February, Uber admitted there was “no justification” for covering up the data breach, while in December, three senior security managers departed the company over the incident.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was reportedly aware of the data breach for months before finally informing the public, and in December, it was revealed that the company had paid a Florida man $100,000 to keep the data breach quiet.

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