Lawsuit: Amazon Showing Ads on Prime Video Is ‘Deceptive,’ ‘Unfair’

Amazon Prime Video is facing backlash from subscribers over changes to its streaming service that now includes ads by default. Some subscribers are so upset that they have filed a class action lawsuit against the e-commerce giant, alleging that the service they paid for is now “something worth less,” and that Amazon’s actions are “deceptive.”

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FTC: Data Broker Sells ‘Staggering’ Amount of Sensitive Info on Americans

A recently unsealed court filing by the FTC accuses massive data broker of Kochava of selling a “staggering” amount of sensitive information on Americans gathered from a wide variety of sources including smartphone apps. Data brokers like Kochava promise their customers a “360-Degree perspective” on individuals, which the government alleges happens without the consent of consumers.

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Amazon Sellers’ Woes Highlight Allegations in FTC Antitrust Lawsuit

As Amazon faces an antitrust lawsuit filed by the FTC and 17 states, many of the lawsuit’s allegations focus on how Amazon treats its third-party sellers. As both a platform and a competitor, Amazon has allegedly used its overwhelming power to destroy small businesses that dare to find success on its platform through underhanded tactics and platform manipulation. The stories of individual Amazon sellers provide details of just how Amazon has abused its power.

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‘A New Low:’ Facebook Calls FTC Trying to Protect Kids on Social Media a ‘Political Stunt’

The FTC claimed on Wednesday that Facebook has not been doing enough to comply with a 2020 privacy order and has caused more harm, especially with children. The commission is now proposing changes to the order that would impose stricter oversight and limitations on Facebook. The company is firing back with both barrels, calling the proposed changes a “political stunt.”

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