Report: 25 Percent of Americans Rarely Go Outside


25 percent of Americans rarely go outside, opting to spend between 21 and 24 hours a day indoors, according to a report.

After 16,000 people were surveyed from 14 different countries, it was revealed that 25 percent of Americans spend between 21 and 24 hours a day inside.

“20 percent said they spend 19 to 20 hours inside and 21 percent say they spend 15 to 18 hours inside,” the Washington Times reported, adding that, “Thirty-four percent said they spend zero to 14 hours inside.”

26 percent of Canadians also admitted to spending between 21 and 24 hours inside, while 23 percent of Brits admitted the same.

Italy, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands had the least amount of citizens who spent the same amount of time indoors.

In response to the report, Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, a physician, declared, “I think, time and time again, research shows that people who spend more time indoors — whether it’s at home or sitting all day at work — they tend to be linked to higher rates of obesity, issues with cholesterol, and also mental health issues like anxiety and depression.”

“A lot of my patients are professional who just work all day and are in front of a screen all day,” she continued. “They’ll get neck pain, they’ll get eye strain from staring at the screen all day, and I tell them, ‘You’ve got to take a break.’”

Dr. Bhuyan also claimed it was “sad” that many people don’t go outside “because it doesn’t feel like a priority,” explaining that “it’s those small things that add up and have a huge impact on your health.”

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