Masters of the Universe Backlash: Founder of Messaging Service Kik Creates ‘Anti-Facebook Alliance’

Facebook needs 'a few years' to fix problems: Zuckerberg

Ted Livingston, the founder of instant messaging service Kik, is promoting an “anti-Facebook alliance” after declaring his annoyance over the company allegedly stealing his ideas.

After Livingston announced his cryptocurrency “Kin,” Facebook also announced their own blockchain group, which Livingston took as an indication they were copying him again.

“Anytime a big opportunity comes up, it will be copied by them,” declared Livingston. “Every time I’m like, ‘They won’t copy this,’ they do. Every time… They’ve been copying us for 10 years and the lesson we’ve learned is to set things up so when they do copy us, [the outcome] will be different.”

Consequently, Wired reported that Livingston is now organizing an “anti-Facebook alliance” to take on the company, using the Kin cryptocurrency.

“Each company that Facebook has copied has had to take on Facebook alone,” Livingston explained. “Now the point is to have kin in hundreds of thousands of apps that are all philosophically and economically aligned, like the Rebel Alliance versus the Evil Empire.”

“Their options are to keep fighting Facebook and lose, join kin, or do their own, but it’s too late for that,” he concluded. “We’ve been laying the groundwork for six years.”

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