Report: Amazon Selling Bomb-Making, Islamic Extremist Books

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Phil McCarten/UPI)
Phil McCarten/UPI

Amazon is reportedly selling bomb-making guides and Islamic extremist books which are banned in British prisons, prompting calls for an official investigation.

“The online retailer offers titles by jailed clerics and those expelled from Britain, leading to accusations that it is spreading the jihadis’ message for them,” reported the Daily Mail. “Many of the books, which have radicalised thousands of international terrorists, are available for next-day delivery. Some can be downloaded instantly as Kindle editions anywhere in the world.”

Several books written by Islamic extremist hate preachers are available on the platform, including a novel written by Osama Bin Laden, while the infamous Anarchist Cookbook, which provides bomb-making instructions, is also available.

The Daily Mail also found numerous anti-semitic books.

Following the discovery of the books, Labour MP John Mann called for a “full police investigation” into Amazon, declaring, “This is Amazon giving assistance to terrorists and putting lives at risk… We’ve just had the anniversary of the Manchester bombing. They need to be held to account.”

“Amazon is allowing terror material to circulate. Free speech arguments don’t apply when it comes to terrorists trying to recruit,” he continued. “There must be a full police investigation into Amazon.”

Despite Amazon’s willingness to distribute Islamic extremist titles, the company terminated an Amazon Associates account for conservative blog Legal Insurrection this week.





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